MSC - Maritime Systems Consulting, LLC

Managing Marine Operations Through Technology

Notable Solutions

Outside of the specifics mentioned elsewhere on this website, Management Systems Consulting LLC has provided many other interesting solutions to various shipping companies around the World.  What is important here is not the specifics about each project, but rather the ability to make these projects happen and to provide value to the client. 

  • Complete vessel trip scheduling and revenue system for a Great Lakes operator.  This manages the cargo contracts, scheduling of vessels, arrivals/departures, bills of lading, fuel prices, invoicing, and analysis of revenue
  • Complete payroll application for Great Lakes operator.  Augments NS5 crewing data with specific Great Lakes type contract wages and calculations.  These wages are then paid via ADP.
  • Direct Deposit Management for NS5
  • eNOAD tools
  • NS5 monitoring package for major US operator that detects changes in NS5 database, logs them and eventually provides this structured information to Peoplesoft for inclusion on personnel records.
  • Warehouse inventory management tool
  • Shipboard application with replication to shore-based commercial chartering package
  • Type-in part loader for NS5.  This manages the type-in parts from NS5 and produces a load file that can be loaded back into NS5
  • Various reporting dashboards for clients, along with custom query tools
  • Business Plan extract from NS5 for MARAD Ship Managers, thereby automating the budgeting process
  • NS5 Extract for Government Ship Manager that populates their payroll package with base data
  • Automated reporting tools - Allows users to generate custom reports and email them on a specified schedule
  • Application auditing tools that monitor for specific actions performed in the software as well as identifying segregation of duties violations in NS5

This is just a sampling, there are many other projects that are in the works that will take the system to the next level.