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Manage the Marine Process
Through the Use of Technology

Management Systems Consulting, LLC offers a broad range of services and solutions that allows the marine operator to improve performance and increase knowledge. Expand and improve your marine processes, both onshore and onboard. Take your marine ERP packages to the next level. Maximize your operations through knowledge.


Barcoding Set to be Delivered

Barcoding for NS5 is Coming. 

Seaspan Implements MSC Reporting for NS5

Seaspan Implements MSC Reporting for NS5

Teekay Implements MSC Reporting for NS5—Oracle Version

Teekay Implements MSC Reporting for NS5 - Oracle

Management Systems Consulting’s LLC Reporting Tool is an integral part of the interface between our mission critical application - NS5 and our ERP - Oracle. During implementation, MSC not only developed the application meeting all our requirements but also guided us through all critical steps along the way. Post implementation, the support has been outstanding with reference to guidance and upgrades.

Saikat Basu, Manager Marine Systems, Helix ESG