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MSC.local Server Installation
Version Installed 18 January 2014

You have successfully installed the Vault Professional Server. To continue with the setup:

  • Log in to the Vault Professional Admin Web Site, with the "admin" user, and the password that you provided in the installer.
  • Verify server settings
  • Create Users

To connect to this server from a Vault Professional Client, enter "MSC.local" as the Vault Professional Server from the login dialog. The actual web service is installed at http://MSC.local/VaultService/VaultService.asmx.

Web Client

The Vault Professional Web Client can be accessed from the following link: http://MSC.local/VaultService/VaultWeb/login.aspx.

Client Installer

In order to get up and running on Vault Professional, download and install the client. The client installer contains:
  • Windows client
  • Command line client
  • IDE client

Help Files

Help files can be downloaded from here or accessed through the Client.