MSC - Maritime Systems Consulting, LLC

Managing Marine Operations Through Technology


Quite simply, the philosophy of Management Systems Consulting LLC is that of quality and service. Your core competency is to run your fleet, our core competency is to use technology to make those operations more efficient. Although clients should be involved at every step of they way, the firm should give them in the best suitable approach based upon your needs. This involves a process of listening as well as bringing to the table the experiences of many different and varied clients.

It is this experience and openness that will make for a successful partnership, as both parties learn and teach at the same time. There is no reason that a client should suffer through the same struggles as all of the clients before him, these should be used to better the end result of the project. Nor is it reasonable for a consulting firm to try to fit each client into the same box, as all operations are different, regardless of the service that is seen on the surface.

These differentials require the consultant to listen quite well, pose the hard questions, but more importantly think outside of the normal train of thought to provide the best and most efficient solution that fits all of the variables that come into play, both those that are obvious and those that are not so obvious.