MSC - Maritime Systems Consulting, LLC

Managing Marine Operations Through Technology

Notable Consulting

 Management Systems Consulting LLC (MSC) has been involved in many consulting projects where we were engaged to bring best practices to our clients and provide them the support to achieve their goals with their implementations.  There are some projects that stand out in terms of importance:

U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD)

Management Systems Consulting LLC has become an integral part of the MARAD implementation of NS5.  MSC has provided many different services relating to this project including:

  • Protocol Development (Business Planning and Execution Process, Hierarchy, Preventative Maintenance).  This effort was a result of the desire to implement standards to the ship managers that allowed for their performance to be measured as well as providing a consistent baseline to evaluate data.  The development of these protocols has been instrumental in MARAD in achieving value out of their NS5 implementation
  • Preventative maintenance implementation fleetwide.  MSC has been retained to work with each ship manager to develop and implement the maintenance plans for their vessels based upon the specific needs of the Ready Reserve Fleet, which includes maintenance both in the operational and maintenance phases
  • Provided Quality Assurance Surveillance Planning Guidance, allowing the Government to effectively manage their ship manager's contracts as they relate to the NS5 implementation
  • Specification writing for Improvements to the NS5 software
  • Development of Shipboard Guides for proper usage of the system, as it relates and is affected by the various protocols.
  • Guidance for the ROP Steering Committee.  MSC provides guidance as needed with respect to the future of the MARAD NS5 program taking into account the overall objectives of the program and the developed protocols.

As can be imagined this project requires a commitment to bringing the full knowledge of both the system as well as experiences with other clients to the table.  It is a combination of these two items which will continue to aid in ensuring the success of MARAD.

Other Projects

As important as the MARAD project may seem, each project is just as important as the next and all deserve the same diligence and respect.  Some other notable projects include the following:

  • Development of system standards and practices for many clients with varied processes
  • Development of customized documentation
  • Conversion of existing marine ERP systems from one package to another
  • Fleet data standardization
  • Implementation of payroll system in a passenger ship environment
  • Various systems audits
  • Software selection criteria development
  • Business process analysis and re-engineering
  • Senior Officer conferences